Local Blogger’s

It would be great to get as many local stories as we can on to this blog.

I know that one of the easiest ways to do that is to share our local blogger’s posts on a regular basis.

This page will now be dedicated to links to the blogs of those in our community who would like to share their experiences

The first blogger on this page is Quentin Addison. Quentin has been blogging about the fires since late February.

Here is the link

Quentin Addison – http://2335-bushfire-recovery.blogspot.com/


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  1. 1

    judy said,

    I am having difficulty readling much of the site because the font colours are very light and dont stand out enough. Perhaps it just my eyes, or my computer, so please feel free to ignore my comment. But as i cant read it easily, im not spending any time here, and not benefiting from it as I’d wish to…
    Sorry for the feedback!
    My apologies

  2. 2

    Justin Celentane said,

    To the St Andrews Recovery Committee. I am somewhat bewildered at the choice of spokeperson for the second anniversary to be held at the St Andrews Hall – the former Chief Commissioner of Police Christine Nixon. Given her level of failings on that fateful day, what “good” is there by showcasing her to a community, many of whom are still experiencing hardship. Her demonstrated lack of leadership was well presented to the Royal Commission, whereas real leadership, in contrast, was shown on the ground by CFA members/volunteers, police, ambos and locals in general simply using equipment they had to help others. Is this really the “best” choice?

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