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St Andrews Community Bushfire Recovery Association

Who what why where when how…….

Brought to you by the St Andrews Community Bushfire Recovery Association

Venue is 75 Ninks Rd

Parking IS NOW AVAILABLE…………………….

FREE shuttle buses every ½ hour from the Oval

FREE food and drink vouchers for SACBRA members

Lunch: Sausage sizzle

Dinner: wood-fired pizza, gourmet sausage, paella, falafel, dessert

Wine and beer, soft drinks, water

Yes! There will be toilets!

No! There won’t be fireworks!

Sign in/sign out system for childcare (qualified workers)

First aid

Bring: blanket, warm clothes, umbrella, smiles and hugs


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St Andrews Bushfire Recovery Association

With a Community meeting scheduled for the afternoon of the 14th of June to discuss the ongoing actions of a Recovery Committee dedicated to the rebuilding of the St Andrews community we have placed here the major document for consideration.

The constitution of the St Andrews Bushfrie Recovery Association allows this group to act as a truly endorsed committee and also partake in fund raising activities.

For your viewing, the document is contained here.

St Andrews Bushfire Recovery Association Inc – 10 June 2009 _final_

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