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Tree & Firewood in Fire Affected Areas

Who is responsible for the removal of roadside trees?

Vicroads are responsible for highways and main roads.

Murrindindi Shire Council is responsible for local roads.

What trees are being removed?

All trees are being assessed by qualified arborists.

Trees are removed from roadside reserves and crown land if they are identified as unsafe, are unlikely to regenerate, or they pose a threat to houses or other buildings.

If you believe a tree has been incorrectly marked you can register this with engineering services and it will be reassessed. Contact the Alexandra Council office on 5772 0333.

Why are some white crosses being “blacked out”?

The initial white cross markings may have been placed on trees by various people or agencies. As part of the roadside safety restoration works, Council contractors have reassessed each roadside tree using qualified arborists, and in some cases, previously marked trees are considered to be safe and therefore the previous markings have been “blacked out”.

If residents are concerned about the safety of a roadside tree they can contact the Alexandra council office on 5772 0333 and an inspection will be arranged.

What about habitat or culturally significant trees?

Every effort is made to leave habitat (hollow) trees even if lopping is undertaken to make these safe.

Identified “scar” trees are reported immediately to the Department of Sustainability and Environment for inspection.

Can the local communities access mulch?

Yes, designated collection points have been set up to allow local residents to take mulch for personal use at the following sites:

  • Whittlesea Yea Road at Stony Creek, Kinglake West

  • Whittlesea Yea Road, approximately 3kms north of Stony Creek

  • Whittlesea Yea Road, approximately 3kms south of Stony Creek

Can the local communities access firewood?

Yes, again a number of designated collection points are being set up to allow local residents to take firewood for personal use.

Stockpile sites:

  • Buxton – Meeting of the Waters*

  • Marysville – Gallipoli Park*

  • Flowerdale – Moores Road*

  • Toolangi – Healesville Kinglake Road (logs only)

  • Kinglake – Global Care, located adjacent to the Kinglake Services Centre* – please contact 5786 1452 for enquiries regarding firewood at this location

* Split wood may be available at these sites

Vicroads sites (logs only):

  • Whittlesea Yea Road at Stony Creek, Kinglake West

  • Whittlesea Yea Road, approximately 3kms north of Stony Creek

  • Whittlesea Yea Road, approximately 3kms south of Stony Creek

Can I collect firewood from the roadside?

The normal process of obtaining a wood collection permit applies and residents need to contact our Local Laws officers on 5772 0331 for details.

Residents are strongly advised to access the community wood stockpiles as collection from roadsides could be dangerous due to the presence of dangerous trees.

Who is responsible for trees on private property?

The owner is responsible. If you are registered with the government funded program for site clean up, trees that have been assessed as dangerous immediately adjacent to destroyed buildings will be removed as part of the site cleanup.

For the free Federal and State Government funded bushfire affected property clean-up and demolition operation please contact – 1800 240 667 or visit

Licensed contractors who are interested in taking part in the government funded clean-up and demolition program can contact:

A Frequently Asked Questions sheet about the clean-up program is available by contacting Grocon or at the following link:

What do I do about dangerous trees on Crown land?

If trees are on crown land and are in danger of falling on private buildings, the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) will arrange an arborist inspection and if necessary the removal of the tree at no cost to the owner. Residents should contact DSE – Alexandra office on telephone 5772 0200.

For further information or to report a dangerous tree please contact engineering services on 5772 0322.


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