Minutes of the meeting of the SACBRA committee, 10 May 2010

Present: Ian, Helen, Manninder, Ken, Warwick, Quentin, Elizabeth, Maria (VBRRA), Gail (NSC), Martha Wike & Steve Yarosz (visitors).

Apologies: Stuart & Peter.

Meeting commenced at 7.10pm.

Chairman’s Report:

Discussion took place on the Black Belt meeting outcomes:

· There were 28 people, representing 18 families, in attendance.

· Ken believed that the responses provided by VBRRA had answered the issue of money disbursement.

· Quentin noted the general support of the BB meeting for a Walking & Multi-use Track,

The Track plan is to go on the web site, and be included in the next Newsletter.

· There was a general understanding and support for the new direction SACBRA was taking; the focus on providing support for individual families.

· After formal business, we will look at committees & groups.

Minutes of the previous meeting (19th April 2010) were

confirmed (Warwick/Manninder).

· Draft Minutes are only to go to committee members prior to confirmation.

· The list of recipients needs to be checked (Warwick/Miriam to do).

Treasurer’s Report:

· Invoice for $55, for Post Office Box was approved,

· Change of name to Ken Dance was authorised,

· Bank account stands at $8,617.77,

· DHS letter indicated that a funding application for $13,750 had been approved,

Treasurer’s report was adopted (Ken/Quentin).

Council Administration:

Gail spoke to her circulated report:

· There is now an almost complete list of fire-affected people, awaiting final details of phone and email contacts,

· Once completed, people will be asked to provide a prioritised list of tasks needing work.

· Planned actions should be advised to whole SACBRA membership.

· Need to encourage all people in the burnt areas to join SACBRA.

VBRRA Update:

· Maria advised that the final VBAF meeting would be in August.

· Walking Trail submission can be finalised within time.

· A Memorials Forum is being held on Friday 21st May at Ethiad Stadium, Docklands.

· Leadership Development course will be held on the weekend of 17 & 18 July.

· All bar one of the Winter Events funding application have been approved.

· Rural Finance has had 8 enquiries regarding ‘hardship’ claims.

New membership:

· Steve Yarosz was accepted as a new SACBRA member (Quentin/Ken).

· Need for wider recruitment of people who have moved out of area:

Sub-committees and Working Groups expressions of interest:

Black Belt:

· Cathy L to attend and provide reports.

C.F.A Liaison:

· Helen (coordinator).

Community Centre:

· Ian (coordinator), Helen & Stuart.


· Gail (coordinator), Warwick, Quentin.

· Need to develop web site:

Should it be interactive or informative? [Informative].

Do we incorporate the blog through links? [Yes].

· SMS allows quick response facility.

· Newsletter is a problem:

Needs to be regular, topical & representative.

· Public meetings should be held regularly for updating.

Events & Community Connections:

· Warwick, Helen & with Holly (co-ordinator).

Governance & Grants:

· Warwick, Ken, Manninder, Helen, Ian, Stuart, Maria & Gail (coordinator).

Health & Well-being (Alliance):

· Helen (coordinator).


· Sue A (to be invited to next SACBRA meeting), Warwick & Helen.


· Elizabeth (coordinator), Holly, Colin B (subject to consent).

Primary School:

· Ian (coordinator) & Helen.

Need to develop relationship with Jodee & Rachel on School council.


· Peter (coordinator) Manninder & Stuart.

Roads & Driveways:

· Need to work with council and establish road ownership.


· Steve (coordinator) & Ken.

Steve to compile a list of people needing help.

Walking/Multi-use Track:

· Quentin (coordinator), Steve, Lawrie C, Darren B & Jess S (NSC).

Working Bees:

· Quentin, Steve, Helen, Miriam (coordinator) & Sue A (St Andrews Landcare) to be invited to participate.

Liaison Groups:

Baptist Church:

· Ken to liaise with John.


· Vin McKay is contact; Ian, Helen & Warwick to liaise.


· Liaison role; Holly to work with Lee McLeish.

Men’s Shed:

· SACBRA to seek/give information as required, but have no active involvement.

· Helen is liaison contact.

St Matthews Church:

· Ken to liaise with Julia.


· Sally & Maria are contacts; Ian, Ken & Warwick to liaise.

Memorial process:

Elizabeth spoke about the difficulty of bereaved families in coming to terms with the manner of deaths and the specific needs of those left behind.

There was an imperative that people approached the Memorial issue focussed on the process, rather than having a personal view as to a ‘product’.

Elizabeth was authorised to write a letter on behalf of SACBRA to local bereaved families, re the memorial process (Ian/Warwick).

Any committee members wishing to be involved in the process to speak to Elizabeth or Holly.

General business:

Walking Track:

· Quentin reported that RTAC would be apprised of the Track details at their 26 June meeting, and that VBRRA would be informed of that outcome at their meeting in July.


· Ken & Stuart are following up on better quotes for volunteer workers, and will check on other insurance cover aspects, including with council.

The current policy will be up-graded for its remaining 4 months, to better reflect contemporary pay-scales.

Stuart’s circulated report was accepted (Manninder/Ken).

Letter to VicRoads:

· Ken will speak with Matthew Dayton (NSC) re council’s position on the lowered speed limit.

Quentin noted that any action was unlikely prior to the removal of the trees on his property.

Ken was authorised to send a letter to VicRoads (Ken/Warwick).

Harry Potter books:

· Ian distributed some books at the meeting and Warwick is to take the balance to the Hurstbridge Hub for council to forward.

Next meeting to be at the Primary school on 24 may at 7.00pm, following the Governance & Grants meeting (at 6.00pm).

Meeting closed at 9.45pm.

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