SACBRA minutes 19th April 2010

Minutes of the meeting of the SACBRA committee,

held at St Andrews Community Centre on Monday 19 April 2010.

Present: Ian, Elizabeth, Helen, Stuart, Manninder, Ken, Quentin, Warwick, Gail, Maria, Martha (community visitor) & Cath Botta (Regional Development).

Apologies: Peter, Cathy.

Meeting opened at 7.00pm.

· Presentation by Cath Botta:

Regional Development is a company tasked with preparing an

evaluation report of how CRCs have evolved, how they have

interacted with VBRRA, how they have interacted with other

statutory bodies, and providing an opportunity for Community

Leadership Development.

Cath posed 4 questions:

o What are SACBRA’s current key challenges,

o What do we see as the key challenges in 6 months time,

o How has SACBRA’s role changed, and

o Can we define our major support needs?

These were answered with diverse responses.

· Chairman’s Report:

It was agreed to accept the broad principles in the circulated New

Focus documents:

o Issue Description & Future Focus.

Using these as an over-arching guide, the meeting considered

matters raised by the Black Belt residents’ survey & their

discussion night, which had 61 adults, representing 34 families.

There was unanimity that practical help could best be delivered by

having specific ‘Task Groups’.

These Groups would become community groups, with SACBRA

being the decision maker in terms of approving submitted budgets.

It would be necessary to prepare generic briefs to guide each Task


(Subsequently, it was decided that a meeting of members

interested in preparing these briefs would meet at Ian’s home

on Thursday 22 April at 2.00pm).

Ken reported that he and David L had met with VBRRA

representatives, and that:

o SACBRA is to provide further details on fencing & bridges,

o SACBRA is to provide 5 case studies information,

o VBRRA will follow up on environmental issues re the Recycling to Recovery Fund ,

o VBRRA clarified the position regarding number of applications permitted under Hazardous Trees Removal Grant,

o VBRRA are awaiting legal opinion re dam silting,

o VBRRA will follow up on Hardship Grants from the Buddhist Foundation, and

o Maria will organise a meeting between our Building sub-

Committee and Hank/Jake, VBRRA Building Advisers.

It was decided to expand the SACBRA Newsletter in order to

better report these activities, and participation opportunities.

· Minutes of the previous meeting of 29 March were confirmed


· Treasurer’s Report:

Ken has completed the change-over of bank signatories.

With Amber Dixon, Ken has completed the Acquittal Forms for

earlier Winter events (details below).

Ken presented invoices for payment from:

Ken $400.00 (reimbursement to Smiths Gully Store for function food)

Cathy $88.74 (Back Belt night & survey costs, incl postage)

Helen $132.00 (flowers for council girls’ help)

It was agreed (Ken/Warwick) that the Report be adopted and the

invoices be paid.

· Council Report:

Gail provided a funding diagram, with details on how things are

paid for, and by whom.

Gail will get clarification on the Men’s Shed: building and

coordinator’s wages.

· VBRRA Report:

Maria advised:

That the $40,000 for our communications group budget had been


Christmas Hills CRC were to become a separate entity.

St Andrews Skills for Environmental Studies $7,500 was approved

in March.

When VBRRA ends, they will have tried to link donors to projects,

so that funding streams remain open.

· Sub-committee Reports:

o Building:

Manninder advised that they were trying to get a

representative from Sustainability Victoria to their next


o Community Centre:

Ian advised that there was disappointment at not being able

to proceed, due to the hold-up occasioned by the query over

money diversion.

Their next meeting will be held on 17 May.

Melissa has resigned as chair and member of the steering

committee and from the Community Centre committee.

Marq Bellingham is the new steering committee chair.

o Communications:

The SMS re the burn-off in Wild Dog Creek Rd was only

available to SACBRA members; we need to get more St

Andrews residents to join up, so everyone can be included in

future advice.

We will advertise this need in both the SACBRA and

Nillumbik Newsletters, and Gail will investigate other ways

in which the shire might be able to assist in promotion.

o Governance & Grants:

It was agreed (Ken/Quentin) that:

Amber Dixon be authorised by SACBRA to certify the 2009

Winter Events Acquittals as the nominated SACBRA Gift

Recipient”, and

“That SACBRA certifies the following 2009 Winter Events

were held to assist the bushfire affected community of and

surrounding St Andrews:

Family dinner $2,500

Shed therapy $500

Billy Cart Race $2,000

Community breakfast $4,806 (includes $4,506 for 3 marquees – capital purchase)

Christmas Hills social $500

Chick flick $600

Celebrating St Andrews $25,000

and authorises submission of the Acquittal Forms to


· General business:

o It was agreed (Ian/Ken) to send a letter of thanks to Amber for her work helping with the completion of the Winter Acquittal Forms.

o It was confirmed that Peter Richards is SACBRA’s registered Public Officer.

o It was agreed (Warwick/Stuart) that a letter be sent to all Black Belt recipients of computer screens, informing them that, while SACBRA was not currently seeking reimbursement, ownership of the screens remained with SACBRA, due to the prohibition of vesting SACBRA monies to private individuals.

o Ian advised that he would organise the disbursement of the Harry Potter books in accordance with the agreed formula.

o There was a general interest in hosting another Beyond Blue

training session: Warwick to liaise with them.

o Quentin agreed to start off work on establishing the volunteer

working bees project.

o Since it was consistent with the Constitution (s 10.9), Quentin did not proceed with his Notice of Motion, but there was clear support for the concept that, while any community member was welcome to attend any SACBRA committee meeting, only committee members could be heard and/or vote, save by leave of the chair in respect to being heard.

The next meeting will be on Monday 17 May at the Primary


Meeting closed at 9.45pm.


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