SACBRA Minutes 29/3/2010

Minutes of the meeting of the SACBRA committee,

held at St Andrews Primary School on Monday 29 March 2010.

Present: Ian, Peter, Elizabeth, Helen, Stuart, Manninder, Ken, Warwick, Cathy, Gail, Maria.

Apologies: Quentin.

Meeting commenced at 8.05pm.

· Chairman’s Report:

o Toni-anne’s resignation was accepted with regret.


It was agreed (Warwick/Ken) that the committee’s thanks and appreciation for Toni-anne’s enthusiasm and commitment be minuted but, in accordance with her wishes, no formal letter is sent.

o Discussion took place on the survey among the Black Belt residents.


It was agreed (Ian/Elizabeth) that Ken & David L be authorised to contact VBRRA, council and any other relevant statutory authority in respect of community concerns relating to the allocation of VBAF monies, including querying the reported 80/20 split, establishing what are the community/private entitlements/allocations, and how can ‘things’ be made to happen as opposed to why ‘things’ can’t happen.

On behalf of BB residents, a number of key questions will be posed to Christine Nixon at the public meeting, and it was agreed that the MC be advised to give such questions priority.

· Minutes of the previous meeting of March 15 were confirmed (Warwick/Stuart).

· Treasurer’s Report:

o Ken advised that, after council’s contribution of $5,000, our account stood at $10,139.

An outstanding invoice from Diamond Valley Hire was forwarded to council for payment.

Ken is still awaiting a formal invoice for the BBL bus trip to Inverloch.


Peter requires a copy of the receipt for the jumping castles, so that we can recover some funds from Strathewen CRC, and Ken will locate this.

Subject to Gail’s clarification, of the monies allocated for commemorative functions, approx $3,000 had been spent, with a further $22,000 in trust.

Warwick to contact Amber re helping Ken with acquittal forms completion.

Ken noted that there seemed to be ambiguity over who is SACBRA’s Public Officer:

This will be clarified by the next committee meeting by Ken/Warwick.

The Report was accepted (Ken/Stuart).

· VBRRA Report (Maria):

o Most Community Recovery Projects have had their scoping submissions forwarded to VBAF for consideration.

o Outstanding Projects are:

· Communications:

· Community Centre: Awaiting further details from steering committee.

o If VBAF monies can’t be spent in BB, then there is less BB objection to the Project.

o Other Projects:

· Men’s Shed:

· Walking Track: Delayed; awaiting better planning & details & survey impact.

· Based on BB survey results, the Audio/Visual proposal has little support.

o Projects that have had funding approval:

· Fire Awareness $50,000

· Re-building $120,000

· Events $47,000

o There is a community perception that SACBRA is sitting on significant monies, but is unwilling to commit it to private needs:

· This perception issue will be addressed at the public meeting.

· Council Report (Gail):

o Registered Grant Recipient:

Gail asked committee to minute any decision on if SACBRA is to be the recipient of grant monies, understanding the legal liabilities imposed on the membership by such a decision, or have council nominated to RDV as our preferred grant recipient.


This matter will be dealt with formally at the next committee meeting.

o SACBRA Newsletter:

· There has been some criticism that our Newsletter is too council-centric, and needs to be more a community Newsletter.


· Comments noted, and there will be an attempt to get more local input.

o Youth worker:

There has been criticism of the advice that council had employed a new youth worker, with some view that VBAF money ought not to be used for such a purpose.


o Publicise the fact that the funding for the youth worker position was provided to all fire-affected municipalities by the federal government, not VBAF.

· Sub-committee Reports:

o Building: As per Peter’s previously emailed document.

o Community Centre: As per Stuart’s previously emailed document.

o Communications: Need to establish a sub-committee.

o Grants: Warwick to email mulch offer information.

· General business:

o Harry Potter books:

· It was agreed (Warwick/Stuart) that the HP books be distributed in accordance with the list (attached), which is based on Stuart’s criteria assessment.

o Meeting dates:

· Agreed (Ken/Peter) that the decision of last meeting (15 March 2010) relating to meeting frequency be rescinded, and that the next meetings be as follows, allowing for the Easter break:

· Public meeting: Wednesday 31 March @ Hall @ 6.30pm

· BB only meeting: Sunday 11 April, Shed night @ 5.00pm

Flyer approved (Stuart/Ken) re BB Shed night promotion.

· Committee meetings: Monday 19 April @ Centre @ 7.00pm

Monday 10 May @ School @ time tba

· Business to be carried forward:

o Public Officer:

· Need to confirm who is our registered Public Officer (see under Treasurer).

o LBB repayments for computer screens:

· Held over due to time constraints.

o Grant recipient:

· Formally determine who will be grant recipient and responsible for Projects’ sign-offs (see under Council).

· Power Point presentation (‘dry run’ for public meeting):

o Ian displayed slides and spoke to them, with some changes suggested by the committee.

o The structure and timing of the meeting was outlined, and Jo Hayter is the likely MC.

o Vin McKay (council) will talk of council’s role in addressing:

Roads, erosion, dams, fencing, work on private properties and youth worker funding.

o Christine Nixon will:

o Be clarifying VBAF funding entitlements vis-à-vis individuals/community,

o Highlighting the importance & relevance of community re-building,


o Acknowledging the role & work of SACBRA.

o Stuart Morgan will speak as a representative of the Black Belt people.

o Ian Flack will present the SACBRA story.

o There will be ample question time at the conclusion of presentations.

Meeting closed at 10.50pm.


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