SACBRA Meeting Minutes 18/12/2009

Minutes of the meeting of the SACBRA committee,

held at St Andrews Primary School on Friday 18 December 2009.

Present: Peter, Warwick, Stuart, Manninder, Cathy, Helen, Toni-Anne, Kirsten, Marg, Maria, Julienne, Gail.

Apologies: Ian, Dave A, Elizabeth, Carmen, Miriam.

Meeting commenced at 4.30pm.

Chairman’s Report:

  • Acting-Chairman, Peter, introduced Gail Cumming, the newly appointed support officer for the St Andrews and Strathewen Community recovery Committees.
    • Gail explained her role.
  • Peter advised that he had spoken to Lara Gilbey about joining the Events sub-committee.
  • Discussion took place about evacuation planning for 2010, especially in relation to the Primary school.

Minutes of the previous meeting of December 4 were confirmed (Manninder/Helen).

Business arising from the Minutes:

  • Julienne will contact the publishers of the Harry Potter books, re-affirming the conditions attached to the books being made available and confirming our acceptance of those conditions.
  • Computers for the Ladies of the Black Belt:
    • Discussion took place about the offers on the table:
      • Purchase second-hand units @ $150 each (if buying 20 units) or $180 each (if buying a smaller number),
      • Buying new units @ $575 each, or
      • Giving second-hand units (free), but requiring purchase of new 17” screens (worth approx $120 each).
    • Decision was taken (Manninder/Stuart) for SACBRA to buy the screens and get reimbursed by recipients.
    • Cathy & David Lance to deal with CentreCom re purchase.
    • Gail to arrange one-on-one computer mentoring.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Given by acting Treasurer, Peter.

The current bank account stands at $7,641, with no outstanding cheques.

Council Report:

  • Kirsten reported on the success of the Community recovery Workshop (attended by Peter, Helen, Stuart, Manninder, Toni-Anne & Warwick) and that a follow-up workshop would be held early in 2010.
  • Kirsten advised of the outreach visitation program conducted by the Australian Red Cross, and its success and community acceptance.

It was decided to invite ARC representatives to attend the next SACBRA meeting.

  • Julienne referred to the issue of collection of wire:
    • A new email will be sent to all SACBRA members advising them of the collection offer and providing details.
    • Mention will also be made about wire collection in relation to grass slashing.
    • Skips for wire collection would be in place starting 18 January and remain for 4 weeks, with a follow-up capacity.
    • Kirsten will arrange for relevant street signage.
    • Requests will be made to:
      • Involve absentee neighbours,
      • Provide contact details.
    • Helen to re-check properties facing a CFA order on overgrown properties.

  • Decided (Manninder/Stuart) that SACBRA will rebate property owners $200 per property, up to a SACBRA outlay limit of $5,000, to help defray slashing costs.

There remains uncertainty regarding this funding applying to the flame-affected and/or other areas of the 3761 postcode.

VBRRA Report:

  • Maria commented on the Community Recovery Workshop, with the clear view of attending statutory authorities that the communities’ voices were heard.
  • Priorities within the Community Recovery Plan were discussed and copies of relevant correspondence will be forwarded to SACBRA committee members for consideration between now and the next meeting.
  • Funding for Summer Events and the Commemorative Day were discussed (and are detailed later in these Minutes).
  • VBRRA had introduced better scoping timelines.

Sub-Committee Reports:

  • Building: Peter advised that current funding was okay and that a report would be presented to the next SACBRA meeting on how to spend monies.
  • Community centre: Stuart has received 71 completed survey forms and these are currently being entered into a computer analysis program, with results available by next SACBRA meeting.
  • Events: Warwick referred to the January Youth Festival, sponsored by VBRRA and council, and that the Victoria Police helicopter has been requested to attend.
  • Communications: Nothing to report.
  • Garden: Nothing to report.
  • CFA liaison: Helen advised about the 2009 community breakfasts; that the figures had gone from 70 to 60 to 20, and that a number of circumstances contributed to these fluctuations.

General business:

  • Commemoration Day:
    • The St Andrews CFA will remain open all day on 7 February 2010, with tea, coffee and soft drink provided, together with light foods.
      • Any families or persons wishing to call in for a moment of quiet reflection will be welcome.
      • Helen will liaise with Harold M regarding media issues.
    • Council will be holding a Commemoration at the Panton Hill Firefighters Memorial Park on Friday 5 February, at 6.00pm, weather permitting.
    • Although yet to be finalized, the State Government is expected to be holding a Commemoration Service at St Paul’s Church, Melbourne on Sunday 7 February.


  • Manninder reported on the Strathewen meeting held to consider future plans.
    • Discussion had occurred as to whether any Strathewen Memorial might function as:
      • A place of reflection,
      • A place of education (related to the bushfires),
      • A place of utilitarian use (such as a park), or
      • A combination.
    • No attempt was made to reach any decision, with the initial focus needing to be on the process rather than the goal.
    • It was felt that, while the community is not yet ready to begin the process yet, it will happen, and there would be a benefit in having Rob Gordon, Red Cross, or someone similar, to talk with SACBRA about that process.

Harry Potter books:

  • Once the conditions attached to the supply of the books are

clarified, SACBRA committee will arrange, if necessary, for

a ballot to be conducted to determine recipients.

SACBRA members will be invited to submit applications for

a book prior to 18 January.

New Business:

  • Humevale Primary School had donated some money (via Yarra Glen Primary School) to assist an appropriate family with Xmas decorations.
    • $63 was available and Helen & Stuart were entrusted with its distribution.
  • It was decided (Manninder/Stuart) that:
    • A request be made in the newsletter for someone wishing to fill the
    • role of Treasurer,
    • Manninder Sekhon be appointed Deputy Chairperson,
    • Warwick Leeson be appointed Secretary,
    • Quentin Addison be appointed to the SACBRA committee, and
    • Manninder Sekhon be registered as a bank account signatory.

Next meeting:

      • Will be on Monday 18 January 2010 at the Primary School, at 4.15pm.

Meeting closed at 7.15pm


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