SACBRA Minutes Monday 15th March 2010

St Andrews Community Bushfire Recovery Association Committee

Minutes of the meeting on Monday 15th March 2010

@ St Andrews Community Centre

Meeting opened: 8.15pm

Present: Ian, Ken, Quentin, Stuart, Warwick, Peter, Gail, Cathy, Maria, Elizabeth, Helen

Apologies: Toni-anne, Manninder


Secretary (Warwick)

  • Adoption of the Minutes from meeting of 1st March 2010
    • Action: Carried (Warwick/Stuart).

Chair (Ian)

  • Proposed discussion meeting with ‘Black Belt’ residents

o Action: Agreed (Ian/Warwick) that Cathy, her friend, Stuart & Quentin would organise a meeting of people from the black belt area to discuss their favoured projects and, hopefully, report back to the public meeting of 31 March.

Treasurer (Ken)

  • Ken Dance, new Treasurer, introduced himself and gave a brief CV.
  • Update (Ken)
    • Action: Ian to arrange for Amber to contact Ken to reconcile earlier Events accounts.
    • Action: Agreed (Helen/Ken) that Bank signatories be changed so that 2 of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary be authorised to sign cheques and that they be the only registered signatories; Warwick & Ken to organise registrations.
    • Action: Gail to ask Miriam to check if council has paid Diamond Valley Hire for the toilets on Commemorative Day.


  • St Andrews Hall Audio/visual presentation by Pat Reynolds & Matthew Blackwood discussion
    • Action: Maria advised that VBRRA have rejected scoping document twice – under both general and donor sections.
    • Action: The meeting of people from the black belt area will be ask to comment on the A/V proposal following discussion at their meeting.

VBRRA Priority Plan (Maria)

  • Project Management monies
    • Action: Maria/Gail will prepare documentation showing where VBRRA monies have been spent to date, and where future monies are intended and held.
    • Action: Maria advised that DHS, RDV & VBRRA had signed a Memorandum of Understanding in respect of future money management, and that Kirsten was attempting to have some greater flexibility inserted in the final documentation.
  • Christine Nixon public meeting (Wednesday 31st March)
    • Action: Agreed (Warwick/Helen) that invitations to attend but not participate be extended to all local federal, state and local elected representatives be sent by Warwick, and that a council officer/Acting CEO be asked to attend in case there are questions for that area.

Sub committee reports:


· Gardening Grant (Peter); lengthy discussion took place on giving $5,000 to the newly established sustainable gardening group, via Julie at St Matthews Church in Panton Hill, to fund their program.

· Action: That the group receive the $750 donated by the Queenscliff Ladies.

· Action: Agreed (Peter/Stuart) that the committee approves funding of a workshop @ Wendy’s Neighbour’s Food Farm, and that Peter prepare a scoping document, detailing the group’s needs, for consideration at the next committee meeting.

Community Centre

· Updates (Stuart); Ian, Stuart & Helen had attended a Steering Committee meeting where costings were presented. These varied from the original 439 sq. mt to 839 sq. mt, and the cost blow-out had gone from $1.2million to around $2million, depending on the level of replacement of the portable rooms, which would affect asbestos removal and demolition. Council had committed to pay for car park works.

· Action: Next meeting is on 22 March where detailed costings will be presented.

Governance & Grants

· Events grant (Helen)

The Primary School had cancelled their annual St Andrews Day celebrations as a mark of respect after the bushfires.

· Action: Helen to contact the School to see if they would like SACBRA to provide funding support for the celebrations’ re-introduction.

· Men’s Shed (Warwick)

· Action: Maria advised that the Shire has made application to DPCD but the project needs to be scoped further if VBAF and/or donor funding is to supplement the shortfall.

· Removal of hazardous trees grants (Quentin)

· Action: Given that the funding deadline had been extended, it was agreed (Quentin/Ian) that the details of the grant be promoted through the Newsletter; Quentin to follow up.

· Action: Maria advised that mulching was mentioned as part of the Fire awareness project, but it is doubtful that there will be funds forthcoming for individuals to mulch hazardous trees on their properties, although this could be part of a communal arrangement made with contractor who cuts the trees down?

· Walking Trails scope (Quentin)

· Action: Quentin is to have a meeting with Gail (on 16th March) to further progress the ‘Walking Track’.

· Action: Agreed (Quentin/Peter) that Quentin would set up a sub-committee of interested persons to further scope the proposal, and that the issue is discussed at the black belt area meeting.


· Initiate the process of discussion (Elizabeth)

Elizabeth advised that she is a member of both the state government’s relevant advisory committees; Memorials and Bereaved Families.

Elizabeth advised that Strathewen is the only one of the state’s 68 CRCs to have started their Memorial process in earnest.

· Action: Agreed (Elizabeth/Stuart) that the St Andrews Memorial process be commenced by informing those people who have expressed an interest in participation and inviting their thoughts.

Business arising/deferred from last meeting

· Harry Potter books distribution (Stuart/Warwick)

· Action: Agreed (Stuart/Warwick) that the books are distributed according to the formulae that Stuart had confirmed with the publishers; Ian will get the books to Gail, who will arrange for their distribution.

· Volunteer’s Insurance (Stuart)

Stuart advised that the MAV/QBE insurance policies do not meet the needs of our committee.

· Action: Agreed (Stuart/Warwick) that Stuart would seek a better deal policy.

General Business

· LBB repayments for computer screens (Warwick)

Currently, the Minutes reflect that the recipients of computer screens would, at some future stage, reimburse SACBRA and that, without a differing resolution, the committee was exposed to a poor governance claim.

· Action: Cathy requested previous Minutes be checked, as she believed a differing resolution had been agreed to; Warwick to check.

New Business

· Elizabeth advised that, due to commitments at the Royal Commission, she would be an apology for the SACBRA meetings of 29th & 31st March.

· Consideration of meeting dates to be 1st & 3rd Mondays in the month (Warwick)

· Action: Agreed (Warwick/Ken) that all future SACBRA committee meetings will be held on the first and third Mondays of each month (note exception below, where first Monday is a public holiday, and we will have met a week earlier).

Next meeting Monday 29th March @ Primary School @ 8.00pm

Aside from normal business, this meeting will be used as a ‘dry run’ for the Christine Nixon meeting.

Monday 19th April will be the next meeting of the committee, at the Primary School, since Monday 5th April is Easter Monday; a public holiday.

Meeting declared closed: 11.00 pm.


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