Plantmark Sale



To all our Bushfire Affected Friends

Plantmark will be holding a Family & Friends Day on the 21st March 2010 at all three Melbourne Stores – Lynbrook, Thomastown & Werribee,

Please pass on this email to your colleagues, friends and family.

We will be having a sale on selected Trees on the day for those of you who are ready to start rebuilding your gardens. Autumn is the ideal time to plant to give your trees and plants the best chance to establish. We also have stakes, and water saving products on hand too such as water crystals and planting gels, which will reduce the need for you to water down the track.

Examples of sale stock include:

· Betula pendula 30cm $27.50

· Acacia melanoxylon 40cm $60.50

· Casuarina cunninghamiana 40cm $60.50

· Euc camaldulensis 40cm $60.50

· Euc polyanthemos 40cm $60.50

· Platanus acerifolia 40cm $71.50

· Quercus palustris 40cm $71.50

Please note you cannot pre-order this Tree Sale Stock, can only be purchased at these prices on the Day.  There will be many more varieties on Sale on the day too. Hope to see you there.


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