Minutes of the meeting of the SACBRA committee, held at the Community Centre on Monday 15th February 2010.

Present: Ian, Warwick, Stuart, Manninder, Carmen, Toni-anne, Cathy, Helen, Quentin, Gail, Maria.

Apologies: Dave A, Kirsten, Miriam. Peter, Elizabeth,

Meeting commenced at 9.15pm.

  • This meeting followed the earlier joint meeting held with the Community Centre’

Committee of Management.

Minutes of the previous meetings:

  • It was agreed (Warwick/Stuart) that, subject to alterations below, the Minutes of

the meeting of Monday 1st February is accepted:

Page 2, second dot point: add ‘fire affected’ before ‘properties’ and remove

‘without dwellings’.

Page 3, first and third dot points: make reference to the survey and that the

‘feeling’ was that of the SACBRA committee.

Page 4, under Harry Potter books: remove specific reference to eligible and

ineligible and family names.

Community Centre:

  • It was agreed that the SACBRA representatives on the joint steering committee would be:

Any three of Ian, Helen, Stuart & Peter (subject to their coming to an

arrangement) with the other and Warwick to act as ‘emergencies’.

The names of the SACBRA representatives were provided to the Community

Centre’ Committee of Management meeting; they in turn advised that Rachael

Hunter, Melissa Vickrage and Gaye Ponting, with Marq Bellingham as

‘emergency’, would be their representatives, while Irene Pagram would represent

the council.


  • Ian has contacted Ken Dance, who has agreed to become Treasurer, although his attendance at meetings will be unlikely, however the committee view was that this would not be a problem.
  • Incomes received were:
    1. $375.25 from the St Andrews Market sales of Yellow Ribbons, and
    2. $750 from a Ladies Group in Queenscliff, to be forwarded to the Ladies of the Black Belt Gardening Group.
  • Letters of thanks will be organised and the Queenscliff Ladies will be invited to visit St Andrews.
  • Outgoings were for the flowers for certain of the council staff for their help.


  • VBRRA have now released their 12 Month Report, and a copy was tabled.
  • Scoping, by VBRRA and council, is continuing on a number of projects.
  • It was agreed that we have a presentation by Rita Butera regarding the workings of the Psycho-Social Health & Well Being Group.
  • Gail gave an outline of the Governance meeting session, to be held on 26th February, and that the facilitator was from Group Work Australia.
  • Miriam will be invited to attend the next meeting.
  • The public meeting, originally scheduled for 25 February, would now be pitched at around mid-March, depending on Christine Nixon’s availability.

VBRRA Report:

  • Maria advised that RDV (Regional Development Victoria) will manage monies, post VBAF, and that, last week, monies were paid to councils, for claims by CRCs.

RDV has been provided with the required SACBRA details, such as a copy of our Constitution and our ABN

  • The VBRRA Priority Plan scoping had either been completed and submitted, or would be within the next 24 hours; these covered:
    • Community Centre,
    • Walking Trail, Landcare,
    • Oval Development (such as Change rooms/pavilion; Paddy to participate),
    • Recreational Facilities,
    • Men’s Shed (applied for separately, but presenting difficulties),
    • Communications,
    • Environment, and
    • Events.
    • Any Hall works would be subject to further scoping.
    • It was agreed that significant community input would be needed on the Walking Trail project.

Building Group:

  • Manninder reported that the group had met with Strathewen, and were seeking to

resolve the dilemma over public/private land issues.

  • It was agreed that SACBRA ought to become more pro-active, firstly, by obtaining a list of fire affected people and, then, by approaching them and asking what help could be provided/was needed, but the constraints of privacy legislation was seen as an impeding factor, that might be obviated by having Australia Red Cross personnel making the initial approach.


  • Helen advised that breakfasts would resume on Sunday 14th March at the Community Centre.


  • It was agreed that any general electronic correspondence, from any committee member, would be sent to all committee members, if it was intended as a communication between committee members.
  • Any electronic correspondence, from any committee member, to Gail needed to be cc’d to all other committee members.
  • The only exception to this protocol would be where any two people, who happened to both be on the committee, wanted to have a private electronic correspondence, in which case there was no incumbency to inform other committee members of the exchange.
  • All currently available information could be accessed by links provided on the SACBRA ‘blog’:
    • 12 Month Report,
    • Beyond Blue, and
    • Rural Finance, together with
    • Minutes,
    • Notices, etc.


  • It was agreed that Ian would invite Amber to re-join the Events sub-committee, and that the sub-committee needed to program some more community events.

General Business:

  • Harry Potter books:
    • A number of new requests have been received from a number of families and all applications for Harry Potter books will be determined at a sub-committee meeting being held on Monday 22nd February.
    • The sub-committee will consist of Ian, Stuart & Warwick.
  • Insurance:
    • Stuart was following up on insurance matters, but is awaiting Certificates of Currency particulars.

The next meeting will be on Monday 1st March @ School @ 8.00pm.

Meeting closed at 10.25pm.


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