Minutes of the joint meeting between SACBRA & the St Andrews Community Centre’ Committee of Management, held at the Community Centre on Monday 15th February 2010.


Vin, Irene, Gail, Sue A, Dawn (NSC), Maria (VBRRA), Ian, Cathy, Stuart, Warwick, Helen, Toni-anne, Carmen, Manninder, Quentin (SACBRA) & Gaye, Suzie W, Melissa, Vicki M, Chris, Julie, Rachael (CC CoM).


Dave A, Peter, Elizabeth (SACBRA) & Vicki K, Marq (CC CoM).

Purpose of Meeting:

  • To establish a way forward for the development of a scope of works and cost estimates to present to VBRRA for a new/rebuilt St Andrews Community Centre.
  • Discuss what has been done by various parties to achieve the aim of developing a new/rebuilt community centre:
    • Burns Bridge Sweet preliminary study
    • Community Survey
    • Inclusion of project in SACBRA’s plan submitted to VBRRA.

Vin outlined the concept to this stage and fielded questions, which were mainly about clarification.

The project costs ranged from $1.4 to $2 million.

There were strongly expressed views that the heritage amenity of the building needed to be respected.

Proposed next tasks:

  • Establish a Steering Committee (NOTE: agreed to and done in subsequent meetings)
  • Appoint consultants to work to agreed brief
  • Site analysis
  • Contextual analysis
  • Building analysis
  • Identify issues/constraints e.g heritage listings, asbestos, condition
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Collation of other research data e.g. community survey
  • Develop concept design
  • Develop initial cost estimates
  • Confirm funds available
  • Develop detailed design
  • Develop tender documentation
  • Tender
  • Construct.

Maria from VBRRA explained there was an allocation of funding set aside to high fire affected areas – St Andrews is in this category. Even though St Andrews did not lose any community buildings, the panel felt that it was important to rebuild the community by improving existing community space/s. From this work, it is believed that it will bring the people of the community together.

Community Recovery Committees, in this case, SACBRA, were encouraged to submit ‘wishlists’ for community spaces to VBRRA . Nillumbik Shire submitted a concept plan of the community centre, designed by Burns Bridge Sweet Pty Ltd. to VBRRA in the latter months of 2009.

Funding available through VBRRA is approximately 1.4 million. A small percentage of this money is from appeal funds. However the panel of VBAF are responsible for funds/ money and how it is going to be distributed to the community and individuals. There are also Corporate donors who have specific guidelines for applicants.

Shire does not have funds available for this project, however as Council is Manager of the land and assets, it would be responsible for the asset for the next 50 years.

The land site is Crown Land and during Cain (Jnr) Government years the Shire became owners of the land/building – (previous owner was Education Department) – Melissa from the Community Centre asked Vin for a copy of this document.

In time, a report will be given to Council about the future management of the Centre.

The steering committee will consist of:

Shire 1 rep.- Irene Pagram

Com. Centre 3 reps.

SACBRA 3 reps.

VBRRA and other Shire staff will be available for technical support

(Community Centre and SACBRA Committee’s had individual meetings after this meeting where they were going elect their representatives for this steering committee.)

VBRRA recognises that some processes are taking longer in St Andrews and are working with SACBRA and Nillumbik Shire in applying for an extension of time – 2 months.

Next meeting:

Steering committee meeting, next Monday, 22 February at 7.30pm, at Community Centre.

Meeting closed at 9.05pm.


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