A message from the Singed Sisters of Canberra

The Singed (as in slightly burnt) Sisterhood from Canberra is a group of bushfire survivors (all women) who have been meeting regularly since the 2003 Canberra bushfires. We have now become a firm group of friends who have supported each other over the past seven years.

They have written the following message of heart felt support to all those who were affected by the Black Saturday fires.


The first anniversary of the bushfires is going to be tough.

That’s what we found after the 2003 Canberra bushfires. The adrenalin that we had been running on was beginning to run out and all the plans we had made for the future seemed slow or bogged down in paperwork and logistics. It was a whole year and yet sometimes we felt we had not come very far.

Time brings frustrations but it also brings healing. Things do get better.

Please know that as you mark the first anniversary of that devastating day, our thoughts are with you.

The Singed Sisters, Canberra.


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