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Plantmark Sale



To all our Bushfire Affected Friends

Plantmark will be holding a Family & Friends Day on the 21st March 2010 at all three Melbourne Stores – Lynbrook, Thomastown & Werribee,

Please pass on this email to your colleagues, friends and family.

We will be having a sale on selected Trees on the day for those of you who are ready to start rebuilding your gardens. Autumn is the ideal time to plant to give your trees and plants the best chance to establish. We also have stakes, and water saving products on hand too such as water crystals and planting gels, which will reduce the need for you to water down the track.

Examples of sale stock include:

· Betula pendula 30cm $27.50

· Acacia melanoxylon 40cm $60.50

· Casuarina cunninghamiana 40cm $60.50

· Euc camaldulensis 40cm $60.50

· Euc polyanthemos 40cm $60.50

· Platanus acerifolia 40cm $71.50

· Quercus palustris 40cm $71.50

Please note you cannot pre-order this Tree Sale Stock, can only be purchased at these prices on the Day.  There will be many more varieties on Sale on the day too. Hope to see you there.


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Free Kitchen and Bathroom Design Seminar




11am – Register Here

1pm – Register Here

All attendees must check in at reception to receive a Seminar Showbag full of goodies!


The Laminex Group | Zesta Kitchens

Parbury Laminates | Grandview Kitchens

Blissful Bathrooms | Iles Design K&B Facelifts

The Lincoln Group | EVS Australia

Copyright (C) 2009 Home Innovations Display Centre. All rights reserved.

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Plant Fair in the Yarra Valley Yarra Glen

Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 February
(No bookings required)
Gardener’s heaven – a lovely garden and the opportunity to buy from a wide selection of rare and unusual plants.
Over one special weekend, Australia’s Open Garden Scheme is once again bringing together exhibitors from Victoria and interstate offering choice perennials, rare trees and shrubs, Australian natives, bulbs and succulents, as well as sculpture and specialist tools.
It is an ideal opportunity for gardeners to meet and talk with expert growers of the most interesting and unusual plants, and to find something out of the ordinary.
Lubra Bend, a fascinating garden that carries off the combination of traditional and contemporary elements with real flair, is the venue for our sixth annual Plant Fair.
Within the fifty-year-old cypress hedges is an exceptionally exciting new Australian plant garden designed by Phil Johnson, complete with massive rocks, water and a billabong. Beyond, the Guildford Bell-designed house is surrounded by a mature country garden with perennial borders, shrubberies, croquet lawn, flourishing vegetable garden and small orchard.
Leave your purchases in the plant creche and take a leisurely stroll around the garden. Refreshments will be available throughout the day.
See here for more information and a list of exhibitors.
Address: 135 Simpson Lane, Yarra Glen
Directions: Melway 275:G2. From Melba Hwy (B300) at Yarra Glen, turn E into Healesville-Yarra Glen Rd (C726); turn right into Simpson Lane.
Open: 10am-4.30pm. $10.00, no charge for children under 18
Important information: Please note that there is NO access or drop off point available for coaches over 25 seats.







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Minutes of the meeting of the SACBRA committee, held at the Community Centre on Monday 15th February 2010.

Present: Ian, Warwick, Stuart, Manninder, Carmen, Toni-anne, Cathy, Helen, Quentin, Gail, Maria.

Apologies: Dave A, Kirsten, Miriam. Peter, Elizabeth,

Meeting commenced at 9.15pm.

  • This meeting followed the earlier joint meeting held with the Community Centre’

Committee of Management.

Minutes of the previous meetings:

  • It was agreed (Warwick/Stuart) that, subject to alterations below, the Minutes of

the meeting of Monday 1st February is accepted:

Page 2, second dot point: add ‘fire affected’ before ‘properties’ and remove

‘without dwellings’.

Page 3, first and third dot points: make reference to the survey and that the

‘feeling’ was that of the SACBRA committee.

Page 4, under Harry Potter books: remove specific reference to eligible and

ineligible and family names.

Community Centre:

  • It was agreed that the SACBRA representatives on the joint steering committee would be:

Any three of Ian, Helen, Stuart & Peter (subject to their coming to an

arrangement) with the other and Warwick to act as ‘emergencies’.

The names of the SACBRA representatives were provided to the Community

Centre’ Committee of Management meeting; they in turn advised that Rachael

Hunter, Melissa Vickrage and Gaye Ponting, with Marq Bellingham as

‘emergency’, would be their representatives, while Irene Pagram would represent

the council.


  • Ian has contacted Ken Dance, who has agreed to become Treasurer, although his attendance at meetings will be unlikely, however the committee view was that this would not be a problem.
  • Incomes received were:
    1. $375.25 from the St Andrews Market sales of Yellow Ribbons, and
    2. $750 from a Ladies Group in Queenscliff, to be forwarded to the Ladies of the Black Belt Gardening Group.
  • Letters of thanks will be organised and the Queenscliff Ladies will be invited to visit St Andrews.
  • Outgoings were for the flowers for certain of the council staff for their help.


  • VBRRA have now released their 12 Month Report, and a copy was tabled.
  • Scoping, by VBRRA and council, is continuing on a number of projects.
  • It was agreed that we have a presentation by Rita Butera regarding the workings of the Psycho-Social Health & Well Being Group.
  • Gail gave an outline of the Governance meeting session, to be held on 26th February, and that the facilitator was from Group Work Australia.
  • Miriam will be invited to attend the next meeting.
  • The public meeting, originally scheduled for 25 February, would now be pitched at around mid-March, depending on Christine Nixon’s availability.

VBRRA Report:

  • Maria advised that RDV (Regional Development Victoria) will manage monies, post VBAF, and that, last week, monies were paid to councils, for claims by CRCs.

RDV has been provided with the required SACBRA details, such as a copy of our Constitution and our ABN

  • The VBRRA Priority Plan scoping had either been completed and submitted, or would be within the next 24 hours; these covered:
    • Community Centre,
    • Walking Trail, Landcare,
    • Oval Development (such as Change rooms/pavilion; Paddy to participate),
    • Recreational Facilities,
    • Men’s Shed (applied for separately, but presenting difficulties),
    • Communications,
    • Environment, and
    • Events.
    • Any Hall works would be subject to further scoping.
    • It was agreed that significant community input would be needed on the Walking Trail project.

Building Group:

  • Manninder reported that the group had met with Strathewen, and were seeking to

resolve the dilemma over public/private land issues.

  • It was agreed that SACBRA ought to become more pro-active, firstly, by obtaining a list of fire affected people and, then, by approaching them and asking what help could be provided/was needed, but the constraints of privacy legislation was seen as an impeding factor, that might be obviated by having Australia Red Cross personnel making the initial approach.


  • Helen advised that breakfasts would resume on Sunday 14th March at the Community Centre.


  • It was agreed that any general electronic correspondence, from any committee member, would be sent to all committee members, if it was intended as a communication between committee members.
  • Any electronic correspondence, from any committee member, to Gail needed to be cc’d to all other committee members.
  • The only exception to this protocol would be where any two people, who happened to both be on the committee, wanted to have a private electronic correspondence, in which case there was no incumbency to inform other committee members of the exchange.
  • All currently available information could be accessed by links provided on the SACBRA ‘blog’:
    • 12 Month Report,
    • Beyond Blue, and
    • Rural Finance, together with
    • Minutes,
    • Notices, etc.


  • It was agreed that Ian would invite Amber to re-join the Events sub-committee, and that the sub-committee needed to program some more community events.

General Business:

  • Harry Potter books:
    • A number of new requests have been received from a number of families and all applications for Harry Potter books will be determined at a sub-committee meeting being held on Monday 22nd February.
    • The sub-committee will consist of Ian, Stuart & Warwick.
  • Insurance:
    • Stuart was following up on insurance matters, but is awaiting Certificates of Currency particulars.

The next meeting will be on Monday 1st March @ School @ 8.00pm.

Meeting closed at 10.25pm.

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Minutes of the meeting of the SACBRA committee, held at the Primary School on Monday 1st February 2010.

Present: Ian, Peter, Warwick, Stuart, Manninder, Elizabeth, Carmen, Toni-Anne, Cathy, Helen, Quentin, Gail, Maria.

Apologies: Dave A, Kirsten, Miriam.

Meeting commenced at 5.30pm.

  • Due to the time constraints of some committee members this evening, Ian

re-arranged the Agenda to maximise their input.


  • It was agreed that a governance session would be held for all committee

members on Friday 26 February, at the School, running from 6.00pm to

9.00pm, and that Gail would arrange for a facilitator to attend, and that the

session would cover general committee functions as well as dealing with

SACBRA-specific issues.

Meeting Times:

  • It was agreed that, in future, meetings would commence at 8.00pm on all

meeting days.

Environment Recovery Plan:

  • There was a general concern that funding was being used for scoping of

works rather than achieving on-ground outcomes.

  • Peter advised that the Bendigo Bank had committed $100,000 for

conservation works in the Nillumbik area.

Toni-Anne will meet Sue Aldred regarding environmental programs, and

report back.

  • VBRRA’s Nillumbik Plan was to include works for St Andrews, Strathewen

and Christmas Hills as part of a total package, rather than each group

operating independently.

Helen stressed the need for concentration on a weed infestation program.

Agreed (Toni-Anne/Quentin) that SACBRA accept the Plan, but with


Minutes of the previous meetings:

  • It was agreed (Peter/Stuart) that, subject to alterations below, the Minutes of

the meetings of Friday 18 January and Friday 25 January 2010, be accepted:

18 January: page 3, under ‘New business’, under ‘Survey’, a further dot

point be added, reading “Gail to clarify the particulars on any leases of

land/buildings in respect of the St Andrews Community Centre”.

25 January: page2, second last sentence, delete reference to Quentin liaising

with Tim O’Donnell, since it was up to each individual property owner to

obtain a map from council if required.


  • Peter up-dated with our financial position: $6082 in hand.
  • Ian will ask Amber to tidy up the VBRRA Acquittal Forms.
  • Ian will contact Ken Dance, who has indicated a possible interest in

becoming Treasurer.


  • Stuart requested that the next Newsletter note that Quentin was now on the

SACBRA committee, and that thanks be recorded to Amber, David W,

Julienne and Sue A for their efforts.

  • Stuart will investigate the matter of Occupiers’ and General insurance as it

applies to volunteers doing work on fire affected properties.

  • It was agreed (Stuart/Helen) that Robbo Bennetts be accepted as a member

of SACBRA, with voting rights.

  • It was agreed that all SACBRA members would continue to receive a copy

of the Newsletter, on the principle of 1 per household address.

  • Peter was given a recently submitted ‘Are you re-building?’ form for follow


Council Report:

  • Kirsten’s report had been forwarded to all committee members.
  • Stuart requested details of the number of building approvals granted, as

distinct from the number of approved site plans referred to in the report.

  • There was a recognised need to have the list of properties

(destroyed/damaged/rebuilding/sold/etc) updated.

  • In recognition that many new people who will be moving into the area, as

a result of property sales, there was in-principle acceptance of having a

‘Welcome to area’ publication that would provide valuable information on

safety and environmental issues to newcomers.


  • Maria advised that scoping of the many requested community projects and

programs continues to occupy VBRRA.

  • VBAF will be meeting on 18 February and then, maybe finally, in March.

After VBAF’s closure, it is anticipated that Incorporated CRCs, such as

SACBRA, will receive future funding under the aegis of Regional

Development Victoria (RDV).

SACBRA will need to provide VBRRA with our ABN details and a copy of

our constitution, before RDV will allow us to hold any monies for future

pre-agreed projects.

  • SACBRA’s up-coming general meeting will provide an opportunity for the

St Andrews community to ‘tick off’ on the survey outcome, noting that the

majority support was for (in order) refurbishment of the Community Centre,

construction of walking trails, improved sporting facilities and works on/in

the Hall, including consideration of an audio/visual component.

  • It was agreed (Stuart/Manninder) that “The committee will recommend to

the public meeting on 25 February that the committee strongly supports the

redevelopment of the Community Centre and walking trails, linking St

Andrews North and the township, and continue to investigate the Hall

facilities, including audio visual facilities, and also the men’s shed/tool shed

at the oval”.

  • Maria will scope costing of trails, based on them catering for pedestrians and horses, but not bikes.
  • Gail will organise the Hall booking and catering for the public meeting.
  • Maria advised that VBRRA’s ‘One Year Report’ is about to be released.

Psycho-Social Group:

  • Helen advised that all members had been apprised of recent meeting

outcomes, and no feedback received.

Building Group:

  • Peter reported that group will shortly be meeting with Strathewen, and be

finalising plans to ensure sustainability components in as many as possible re-

building works.

  • Whilst acknowledging the grey area nexus of re-building houses and

gardens, the group will support the vegie/permaculture group meetings,

while seeking funding for gardening initiatives elsewhere.

Community Centre:

  • Manninder noted there was no overt community pressure for building a

new facility, and that the general survey view was to support refurbishment.

Note: The survey only asked whether refurbishment of existing community

facilities were needed.

Helen pointed out that the Community Centre committee of management

can’t proceed with any of their projects, since council had indicated they

would place their support on hold, until SACBRA make a decision about the


Agreed (Manninder/Helen) that SACBRA endorse the Community Centre

up-grading and renovations, without detail, and take this proposition back to

the community at the public meeting, consistent with the earlier Motion.

It was noted that some preliminary design work has already been done.

There is a need to clarify if the project would be SACBRA’s, council’s or

the CC committee’s responsibility; Gail will investigate this aspect, although

the SACBRA committee feeling was that it was a Community Centre project.

There was clear committee support for incorporating multi-purpose aspects

into the refurbishment design.

  • Warwick is to follow up with CentreCom regarding the audio/visual

component pricing, and Maria suggested that SACBRA’s submission to VBRRA

should seek full funding for the proposal.


  • Helen outlined the casualness of Sunday 7 February at the CFA.
  • It was agreed Peter would put the calendar in the SACBRA notice board, but remove it on Friday night, so that no ‘outsiders’ were being advised of the day’s plans.


  • There was a clear feeling that the people from the fire-affected areas were still not ready to consider issues related to the memorial process.
  • Manninder will follow up on suggestions that a form of memorial was being considered at the Market.

General Business:

  • Rural Finance Grants:
    • Maria had provided this information in case any local groups had lost equipment.
    • Gail to have this advice placed in the next Newsletter.
  • Slashing:
    • Following advice that there was no funding available for slashing works on private property, the proposal was dropped.
  • Logo:
    • It was decided to invite the DV High School, NMIT, local school children, artists and the community to participate in a competition, without prize, to design a SACBRA/St Andrews logo that could be used as an identifier.
  • Public meeting:
    • Christine Nixon has been invited to attend and explain VBRRA’s funding allocation principles.
  • Men’s Shed:
    • Helen & Maria are pursuing funding options as well as use of portable buildings.
  • Wire collection:
    • Approx 4 skip loads have been left at the pick-up site and these cost $300 per skip to remove, but could return around $1,000 each.
  • Legacy Arts Project:
    • Individual, interested parties are to come back to the next meeting with some ideas.
  • Harry Potter books:
    • New requests have been received from a number of families and all applications for a Harry Potter book will be determined at a sub-committee meeting being held on Monday 22nd February.
    • Warwick will subsequently liaise with Miriam about communication, tactfully, with any ineligible families, and arrange, through Ian, for books to be forwarded to eligible families.
  • Committee membership:
    • At this stage, Cathy Lance has made no decision in respect to joining the committee.

The next meeting will be on Monday 15 February @ School @ 8.00pm.

Meeting closed at 7.45pm.

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Minutes of the joint meeting between SACBRA & the St Andrews Community Centre’ Committee of Management, held at the Community Centre on Monday 15th February 2010.


Vin, Irene, Gail, Sue A, Dawn (NSC), Maria (VBRRA), Ian, Cathy, Stuart, Warwick, Helen, Toni-anne, Carmen, Manninder, Quentin (SACBRA) & Gaye, Suzie W, Melissa, Vicki M, Chris, Julie, Rachael (CC CoM).


Dave A, Peter, Elizabeth (SACBRA) & Vicki K, Marq (CC CoM).

Purpose of Meeting:

  • To establish a way forward for the development of a scope of works and cost estimates to present to VBRRA for a new/rebuilt St Andrews Community Centre.
  • Discuss what has been done by various parties to achieve the aim of developing a new/rebuilt community centre:
    • Burns Bridge Sweet preliminary study
    • Community Survey
    • Inclusion of project in SACBRA’s plan submitted to VBRRA.

Vin outlined the concept to this stage and fielded questions, which were mainly about clarification.

The project costs ranged from $1.4 to $2 million.

There were strongly expressed views that the heritage amenity of the building needed to be respected.

Proposed next tasks:

  • Establish a Steering Committee (NOTE: agreed to and done in subsequent meetings)
  • Appoint consultants to work to agreed brief
  • Site analysis
  • Contextual analysis
  • Building analysis
  • Identify issues/constraints e.g heritage listings, asbestos, condition
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Collation of other research data e.g. community survey
  • Develop concept design
  • Develop initial cost estimates
  • Confirm funds available
  • Develop detailed design
  • Develop tender documentation
  • Tender
  • Construct.

Maria from VBRRA explained there was an allocation of funding set aside to high fire affected areas – St Andrews is in this category. Even though St Andrews did not lose any community buildings, the panel felt that it was important to rebuild the community by improving existing community space/s. From this work, it is believed that it will bring the people of the community together.

Community Recovery Committees, in this case, SACBRA, were encouraged to submit ‘wishlists’ for community spaces to VBRRA . Nillumbik Shire submitted a concept plan of the community centre, designed by Burns Bridge Sweet Pty Ltd. to VBRRA in the latter months of 2009.

Funding available through VBRRA is approximately 1.4 million. A small percentage of this money is from appeal funds. However the panel of VBAF are responsible for funds/ money and how it is going to be distributed to the community and individuals. There are also Corporate donors who have specific guidelines for applicants.

Shire does not have funds available for this project, however as Council is Manager of the land and assets, it would be responsible for the asset for the next 50 years.

The land site is Crown Land and during Cain (Jnr) Government years the Shire became owners of the land/building – (previous owner was Education Department) – Melissa from the Community Centre asked Vin for a copy of this document.

In time, a report will be given to Council about the future management of the Centre.

The steering committee will consist of:

Shire 1 rep.- Irene Pagram

Com. Centre 3 reps.

SACBRA 3 reps.

VBRRA and other Shire staff will be available for technical support

(Community Centre and SACBRA Committee’s had individual meetings after this meeting where they were going elect their representatives for this steering committee.)

VBRRA recognises that some processes are taking longer in St Andrews and are working with SACBRA and Nillumbik Shire in applying for an extension of time – 2 months.

Next meeting:

Steering committee meeting, next Monday, 22 February at 7.30pm, at Community Centre.

Meeting closed at 9.05pm.

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CVA Volunteers for fire affected properties

Following a successful submission involving Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) and Nillumbik Shire’s Environmental Planning staff, Bendigo Bank has funded approximately 100 days of volunteer work in the Shires of Nillumbik and Yarra Ranges.

This work is to help bushfire-affected property owners to rehabilitate their land by undertaking various works. This could include revegetation with indigenous plants, weeding, laying logs and other material for erosion control, fencing out areas of high conservation value from stock and removal of any remaining fencing on properties that is posing a threat to wildlife or harbouring pest animals and plants.

Many property owners in Nillumbik will already received assistance from CVA in partnership with staff from Environmental Planning. CVA volunteers are trained, fully insured and have a supervisor at all times.

If you would like some help of this type, or you require assistance with property management planning, please call Tim O’Donnell on 9433 3207 or Sue Aldred on 9433 3201.

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