St Andrews Community Bushfire Recovery Association

Who what why where when how…….

Brought to you by the St Andrews Community Bushfire Recovery Association

Venue is 75 Ninks Rd

Parking IS NOW AVAILABLE…………………….

FREE shuttle buses every ½ hour from the Oval

FREE food and drink vouchers for SACBRA members

Lunch: Sausage sizzle

Dinner: wood-fired pizza, gourmet sausage, paella, falafel, dessert

Wine and beer, soft drinks, water

Yes! There will be toilets!

No! There won’t be fireworks!

Sign in/sign out system for childcare (qualified workers)

First aid

Bring: blanket, warm clothes, umbrella, smiles and hugs


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    The Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner has put out a Fire Refuges Discussion paper ( ) and is asking for community submissions. Unfortunately there is not much time left as submissions are due on Friday 30 July.

    It is really important that we put in submissions and that we tell as many people as possible about this. The community need to make sure we are heard about this issue, which is so critical for our safety and our communities.

    And if you fancy reading a bit of a rave about why this attempt at community consultation falls short, go to the Fire In Mind blog.

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