SACBRA COMMITTEE has gained another “Supportive Supplier” and this one is special.

Troy Stanton at Nunawading Harvey Norman has pledged amazing support. Troy is the Nunawading Harvey Norman Electrical (which includes white goods) franchisee.

Troy and his team have pledged an amazing amount of support for 12 months, starting in September 2009.

The Nunawading store is the largest in the metro area and covers electrical, computing, bedding, furniture and floor coverings.

With a Referral Card (you know  – the blue one with the yellow ribbon in the corner) and photo id, we have access to dedicated sales people who will help us navigate the purchases of just about everything we need to furbish our new homes.

It is important to know that each area within Harvey Norman is a separate franchise, so these wonderful people are not managers within a large business, but rather business owners in their own right. Their contribution is enormously appreciated

The following are people are dedicated to looking after us (bless them)


Gary Martyr                03 9837 1235

Mark Forde                03 9837 1214

Todd Murtagh            03 9837 1215

Don Greenwood          03 9837 1275 


Jeremy Azzopardi      03 9837 1244

Brett Marshall             03 9837 1274

Steve Casey                03 9837 1281

Please make an appointment to see these guys by ringing before a visit so you know you will be well looked after, and don’t get disappointed if you just turn up and they cannot make the time to treat you with the focus you, or they  would like.

These wonderful Harvey Norman Nunawading guys will introduce you to the contacts for other departments within the store.

Thank you Nunawading Harvey Norman. and particularly Troy and all our specific contacts.

This offer of support is specific to Nunawading Harvey Norman.


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