Energy Efficiency Workshop

Energy Efficiency Workshop Postponed to

Sunday 13th September 2.00 – 4.00pm

St. Andrews Community Hall.

Proctor St (and Burns St) St. Andrews

Most of the houses destroyed in the fires were older than 10 years and were not constructed to the 5 Star Energy Efficiency requirements as required by the building act. All new homes will need to be energy efficient.

What can you do with building design and choice of materials to make your new residence energy efficient?

The fifth co-operative venture between the Strathewen and St Andrews Rebuilding groups will be a forum for people who are thinking about rebuilding and who are looking for information and advice regarding constructing buildings for energy efficiency.

Presentations will include:

· Sustainability Victoria. Paul Patronni of Sustainability Victoria will provide a presentation on how to make your house energy efficient.

· Energy Rating. An energy rater (who rates houses to comply with 5 star requirements using computer programs such as First Rate) will also provide comment on how to design houses for higher ratings (5 stars plus).

The forum will consist of a short presentation from each presenter with question time after, and then the opportunity to speak in small round table groups with presenters.

A range of questions will be answered with particular attention paid to:

· Construction of residences for energy efficiency and meeting 5 Star Energy requirements.

If there’s something you want to know which isn’t on the list simply include these questions with your RSVP and we will endeavour to provide the information you need. Let your neighbours know and please let us know how many are coming so we can cater.

Afternoon tea is provided afterwards which provides a chance to speak with other residents going through the same process.

Please RSVP (so we can arrange catering) to

Callum Donoghue 0414 932 051


Karl Apted 0418350345


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