Celebration of Resilience



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    sierra said,

    a bunch of either A. hippies or B. complete bogans doing what they do best; being complete dicks!

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      toniannecollins54 said,

      It is such a shame that people do not understand who we are, some of us may well be hippies, and some bogans. We might not all agree on everything but as a community, I think we are pretty cool and I am proud of being from St Andrews.


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      Its-easy-being-green! said,

      Speak for yourself, Sierra! This event may help many people celebarate life and their lives after the bushfire devestation that wreaked havoc on our small community. I live in St Andrews, am a local mover and shaker, employed, employable, activist, conservationist, rationalist, realist, pragmatist. So, what do you have to offer society other than a negative, stupid comment as you have made above?

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    Dawn said,

    Onwards and upwards! Looking forward to a great day on the 19th September and if anyone would like to assist, or has any ideas, please let us know. All comments welcome. But we have got lots of things planned for children, young people and all! Great food and entertainment all day and all night. All we have to do is turn up and enjoy!!

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