Environmental Building Update

Green Loans program commences 1 July

Don’t forget that the Federal Government’s Green Loans program will start on July 1. The program offers a free detailed home sustainability assessment by a trained assessor, and access to interest free Green Loans of up to $10,000 to make the changes recommended in the assessment (interest free for up to four years). Visit http://www.environment.gov.au/greenloans/index.html for more information and to register.

Free Archicentre Seminars

Archicentre, the building advisory service of the Australian Institue of Architects, is holging a number of free seminars in June and July that you may be interested in, and have released an Archicentre Guide to Sustainable Homes:

Climate Change Design and Behaviour


New housing and renovations designed to take into account the impact of climate change will provide their owners with a long term re-sale value as costs of energy and water will continue to rise. Not only will good climate change design provide a monetary return it will also provide benefits in lifestyle and health.    
Designing sustainability cost saving into new housing and renovations is money in the bank for home owners who could save hundreds of dollars a year annually.
Archicentre is conducting a number of free Sustainability Seminars in each State next week.  Click here for further details and bookings.

Archicentre has also released an Archicentre Guide to Sustainable Homes Click the link to download the pdf file.

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Listen to Radio 3AW 693 at 3:00pm on Monday’s as State Manager David Hallett spends time “Around the Home” with Denis Walter…’phone 9690 0693 and ask your home improvement questions.
Click here for the Southern Cross Broadcasting’s mytalk website to download a pod-cast of The Big Green House program.

2009 Free Seminars

The venue for the following Seminars is the Manningham Function Centre, 699 Doncaster Road. Doncaster.
Bookings are essential please call Archicentre on 1300 13 45 13
or use the booking form below.

6.30pm – 8.30pm Wednesday 24th June 2009
Sustainability – Ten Things You Should Know about Building in a Changing Climate
The seminar conducted by Terry Nott will cover why houses are cracking, what people can do to save water and energy, discuss alternative construction techniques, showcase a recent sustainable building project and take questions from the audience.
As co presenters of the seminar, LookHome™ will illustrate the affordability, sustainability and aesthetic appeal of using lightweight construction as an alternative means of construction in this changing climate.
Sustainable seminars are proudly sponsored by clip_image006

6.30pm – 8.30pm Thursday 16th July 2009
Renovating – Ten Things You Should Know About Renovating Before You Start
The seminar conducted by David Hallett will provide everything you need to know about the design and construction of your renovation, including planning, permits, pit-falls and a case study of a completed project with time for questions as well.
Renovation survivor and author Amanda Falconer, shares some extra insights from her own epic renovation as well as those from the many other renovators and industry experts she interviewed for her book, The Renovator’s Survival Guide.
Included will be a presentation by Wood Naturally Better presenting more about why wood is naturally better bring amazing design visions to life, woods versatile and renewable and ultimately beautiful material.
Renovation seminars are proudly sponsored by clip_image007www.naturallybetter.com.au

6.30pm – 8.30pm Tuesday 28th July 2009
Home Buying – Ten Things You Should Know about Buying a Home
The seminar conducted by Mark Dwyer will cover how to find a home, how not to buy a lemon, investing right, how to make a profit and take questions from the audience.

Renting? You can be sustainable too!

Environment Victoria has put together a free, downloadable guide for renters, full of tips on how to reduce their environmental impact and their bills, without needing a big budget. The advice is great for homeowners too.

It includes sections on everything from heating to fridges to food, as well as information on government rebates, a checklist for people looking for a new place to rent, and an explanation of renting law in Victoria. Environment Victoria is the state’s peak non-profit environment group, and the guide was put together with the help of the Tenants Union of Victoria.

The guide is available at: www.envict.org.au/rentersguide/ .

Don’t forget that the Nillumbik Environmental Events Program for June-December 2009 is now available at our website:



Alison Hickey | Environmental Planner

Nillumbik Shire Council |  Civic Drive (PO Box 476)  |  Greensborough  Vic  3088

ph: (03) 9433 3328 | fax: (03) 9433 3777 | web: www.nillumbik.vic.gov.au



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