St Andrews Bushfire Recovery Association

With a Community meeting scheduled for the afternoon of the 14th of June to discuss the ongoing actions of a Recovery Committee dedicated to the rebuilding of the St Andrews community we have placed here the major document for consideration.

The constitution of the St Andrews Bushfrie Recovery Association allows this group to act as a truly endorsed committee and also partake in fund raising activities.

For your viewing, the document is contained here.

St Andrews Bushfire Recovery Association Inc – 10 June 2009 _final_


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    Stella Reid said,

    Thank you for all the work you have been doing. I will be for ever grateful. I wonder some days, what is going on. We are so busy and we have so little around us. How can that be. We still feel as if we are in a fog. We move forward a little each day and I am grateful for any help in the process. Looking forward to the future.

    Stella Reid

  2. 2

    Dawn McDonnell said,

    A men’s shed idea came up as a high priority in our recovery planning and over the last few weeks six men have mentioned to me, on separate occasions, that they would like a community forge/smithy. If there is enough interest, could this be the focus of a men’s shed in St Andrews?

    There could be other elements attached to the “smithy” e.g. tool library, training in blacksmithing, and possibly a “community enterprise” idea where items could be sold to support other community projects.

    There has been a lot of cupport in the forged tree for Strathewan which seems to have stimulated interest in this skill.

    What do people think? Dawn McDonnell

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