RSPCA Grants for livestock feed and Animal Shelters

The RSPCA are committed to helping bushfire affected families and their animals. As the owner of livestock on a bushfire affected property, using funds contributed to the RSPCA Bushfire Relief fund, we may be able to assist you to purchase feed for your animals.

This financial support has been made possible by kind donations to the RSPCA Bushfire Relief fund. 100% of these donations will support the RSPCA’s bushfire relief efforts, and support animals affected by the
devastating Victorian bushfires.

The RSPCA understand the urgency of your request and we are committed to processing your application within one week of its arrival at RSPCA Burwood East. If you have any questions, or you animals are in need of urgent feed, please phone 03 9224 2222 to speak with a member of our Bushfire Relief team.

As you consider the future of your family and animals, the RSPCA will be there every step of the way.

Go to the RSPCA website and click on Bushfire Relief in the bottom right hand corner for information or call 9224 2222 and choose option 5


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