Community Meeting of High Importance

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There will be a community meeting held next Monday 30/3/2009 at the St Andrews CFA starting at 7.30pm to keep the community updated on all information available in the recovery phase of the fires. At this community meeting there will be a call for expressions of interest in forming a recovery committee. This committee will be of limited numbers to allow it to be of workable numbers. A facilitator will assist the community in narrowing the applicants to a number of around 8-10 members for the committee. There will be many opportunities for those not on the committee to have input through their fields of expertise which will be needed. The incoming committee will also be required to set up terms of reference for the recovery committee.

There appears to be some local belief that a recovery committee has already been formed, this is not the case, those community members currently meeting are simply an interim group, formed through community networks, to keep lines of communications open between the community and shire and other official groups with a vested interest in our area.

It is sincerely hoped that you will be able to attend this meeting and have your opportunity to have a voice in our community recovery.


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